• Community Connections

  • 27 January 2017

  • Supporting rural infrastructure, education and health care in Indonesia.

    Noble has a number of operations in Indonesia. We tailor our community engagement to meet local needs and tackle developmental challenges in underprivileged regions.

    Improved road access to remote villages

    Rural roads play a critical role in connecting people to facilities and services. In Kalimantan and Papua, we support ongoing road development in remote villages by providing heavy equipment and embankment materials for road maintenance. This includes improving the structural condition of roads, road resurfacing and repairing potholes. The improvement in the quality of the roads means that they are now accessible to motorised transport and save users a lot of travel time.

    Developing the rural road network to connect villages to social facilities.

    Child support and maternal health service

    Child malnutrition and maternal health are some of the major challenges in the health sector. For most rural children and pregnant women, monthly gatherings with health clinic staff and volunteers in their villages are their primary source of maternal health care, nutrition advice and vaccinations. Our programme funds multiple service centres in Sorong (Klamono, Klasafet, Malalilis) and Timika.

    In Ipumea village, East Barito, we have been supporting a supplementary feeding programme in collaboration with the regional community health service centre. Eggs, milk, rice, chicken porridge, green bean porridge, and bread are provided in this way. Currently 45 children and 50 elderly persons are benefiting from having extra nutrition in their diets.

    Boosting school attendance

    According to statistics from the World Bank, net primary school enrolment rates are below 60% in poor districts of Indonesia, while net enrolment rates for secondary education are even lower: below 50%. To increase access to education, we have been providing multiple levels of scholarships to more than 66 villagers within the community, to help keep children in school.

    Attendance at school is often hindered by the fact that most children live in remote areas. To help with this problem, we donated a school bus to Sorong to reach the most remote children and bring them to school. Funding has also been given for school facilities and to pay teachers’ wages in South Barito. And our Noble employees have been volunteering with the Scouts at the junior high school.

    Staff volunteer leads a Scouting activity.

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