• Country Holidays for Inner City Kids

  • 01 November 2017

  • Giving children in the UK a holiday and hope.

    Holidays are something we all take for granted. A break for a few days can recharge and invigorate us. At Country Holidays for Inner City Kids (CHICKS), a holiday can do so much more.

    CHICKS is a charity that offers holidays and retreats for disadvantaged children and young carers who often have to look after a disabled parent or siblings full-time. Many of them have never been on holiday or had a chance to have any sort of escape from their tough lives.

    CHICKS gives them a chance to relax, have fun and form some positive childhood memories. These five-day retreats are a life-enhancing experience for many of the children as they learn horse riding, rock climbing or kayaking, as well as taking part in quieter activities such as painting, reading or playing chess. These few days not only allow these children to have some time off and fun but also focus on improving the child’s self-confidence, often giving them a sense of achievement in a safe and trusting environment.

    Following a proposal by David Cherrett, Chief Commodity Strategist, who is personally involved with the charity, Noble Foundation has sponsored 32 children to attend their respite breaks since 2016.

    Beneficiaries of CHICKS

    Eleven-year-old Eliza grew up in a single parent family. Her mother cannot walk without support and suffers from severe depression. Eliza has to cope with the daily household chores because her mum struggles to carry them out, and this impacts on the young girl’s school attendance. Having been referred by her family support worker, Eliza visited CHICKS’ coastal retreat in Cornwall where she had the chance to forget the responsibilities of home and have fun with other children.


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