• Towards Carbon Neutrality

  • 31 May 2017

  • The eleventh year of a journey to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Noble matches ambition with a sense of responsibility. This means protecting not only our own business interests, but also our communities and the environment. While our business activities generate carbon emissions we strive to implement good practices to protect and mitigate our impact on the planet.

    In 2007, we started to calculate our carbon emissions generated by our Hong Kong headquarters and our beneficiary ships. The project was then extended to assess and offset the emissions of Noble’s main trading centres, and followed by multiple business operations.

    This year, we offset the carbon footprint of our global offices and Noble's publications in 2016. We raise awareness and promote eco-friendly habits through our publications and regular commuting and business travel survey. In our latest survey, more than 320 employees responded and results showed that approximately 55 percent walk, cycle or commute to work on public transport. The Group level travel policy has been effective in previous years at reducing overall business travel and encouraging the use of video conferencing.

    Emissions that cannot be avoided are balanced through the purchase and retirement of verified carbon credits. We have invested in a number of renewable and energy efficient projects that are proven to fight climate change and positively impact the social and economic wellbeing of the community.

    What is carbon neutrality?

    Carbon neutrality means balancing the emissions we produce through projects that provide an equivalent amount of power through clean, renewable methods. A key component of carbon neutrality is not just offsetting emissions but reducing them – we strive to use our expertise to conduct business in a more eco-friendly way.


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